Yorùbá Lessons

My name is Aderonke, and I love to teach the Yorùbá language, history and culture. You’ll learn so many things by watching my videos, so I encourage you to subscribe to my channel.

I teach for the preservation, promotion and appreciation of the culture, in all its richness. People of Yorùbá descent are all over the world, and unfortunately, many of us are not aware of our ancestry.

The past was quite rough, and the consequences of capturing/enslaving people, stripping them of their clothes and identities, that began centuries ago still haunt our societies to this day. I consider my teaching a means of bringing a form of healing to people, inviting them to know more than they probably think they do about themselves and their ancestors, and welcoming them home. It’s one of my assignments for my current incarnation.

My channel is for anyone and everyone who loves and appreciates languages and the beauty that they contain, including the depths of the stories that they tell, when we use them for communication and survival.

Thank you for supporting my work.

Video Playlist:

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2 thoughts on “Yorùbá Lessons

  1. In Brazil we have a strong Yorùbá community created by the descendants of enslavered people. We call ourselves as Nagó. We worship Yorùbá Orishas all over the country, but mainly in Bahia state, in Candomblés, where the Yorùbá culture is alive !!! I’m a fan of your work Aderonke ! You’re help me a lot to reconnect myself with the Yorùbá language. Thank you so much for that ! Keep doing that, please ! Emmanuel Elegún Orisa Omolú !

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