The More You Look | Google Solitaire


This is one of my favourite games to play. I enter ‘Google solitaire’ into the Google search tab, and this game pops up right away.

One thing that I have found uncomfortable though, in the spirit of Black history month, is the image above. First, one is asked to choose their preferred difficulty level, and the image comes up.

Am I insane or something to have given this a thought in the first place? Why is the white figure ‘easy’ and the black figure ‘hard?’ 

Some people don’t see colour – of their own volition since they are not colour-blind – so let’s switch it up a bit. If we were to make the white figure ‘hard’ and the black figure ‘easy’ instead, would that be okay? Oh, wait! Yeah, in another semi-racist sense, a lot of people would like that.  

Black Brute