For Writers IV: It Star-ts with You

It all star-ts with you.

It all star-ts when you choose to shine,
when the thing that your heart desires
is what you choose to do.

It all star-ts,
even if the first cheer
that you hear
is a “boo!”.

It all star-ts;
that’s the most important step
that it requires.

Decide Now

Emit a change;
it’s high time.
Come to your senses;
I’m losing mine.
Make up your mind;
I mind.
There’s only so much
that I can take;

Good Choice is Wisdom

Know when to be gentle and still,
and when to be fierce and turbulent.
Don’t be A when you ought to be B,
and vice-versa.


Went through his case.


Devil 😈: Discharged and unrequited!

Angel 👼🏼: Please find him guilty.