Excellency Frenzy / Sexcellency

The ambassador 

to the Yonited Nations

is Sir Finger Dick

Mr Bean Ludwig Van Bacon

Spoiler Alert: I’m Choking Up

Well, who would have thought? 😭


Kasey Sankey’s Haiku to Brook Soso:

“I think I like you.
In fact, I know I like you.
I’m vulnerable.”


I really got into each season of Orange is the New Black, and now that I know there won’t be another season next year, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I’m grateful for the seven years of awesomeness. 

Being in Charge

To control people,
nasty people, if you must,
just control yourself.

What Do You Want?

Is he here to live?
Is he here to leave or what?
Is he even here?