Oh Nigeria!

Why are most Nigerians being denied these fundamental rights by some Nigerians? What THE HELL is going on in Nigeria? Why are innocent people being killed, murdered in cold blood for simply coming together to speak up against police brutality in relation to other forms of oppression that we, as individuals and as a people, have suffered for years.

The Nigerian government has never been democratic; the people are not at all free. Rotating between the military and presidential systems of government all these years, although the recent and current system has been presidential, soldiers still oppress people on a daily basis, topping the abuse of power by the police. The so-called democratic leaders adopt militarism for their advantage, using military force to push their agenda and subdue the people instead of excusing them from military oppression. Our own people, the people that have put themselves in power by hook or by crook, are killing us.

The very people who are supposed to protect Nigerians within and outside the borders of Nigeria kill Nigerian boys, girls, men and women on a daily basis for simply existing. The Nigerian police force as a whole and the sections within it, especially SARS, are incompetent, poorly-trained and abusive- national terrorists, to put it lightly. The Nigerian army is a dignified body of authorized assassins who cannot adequately deal with the terrorists at the country’s border but are eager to assault and brutalize people on behalf of those who can afford their services. The democratically military government of Nigeria and its bloody oligarchy are it again. In a twinkle of an eye, my brother, sister, father, mother, uncle and aunt were shot, injured and killed right before my eyes.

I invoke and implore Ògún to prepare our hands and feet for this battle and victory, Èsù, the greatest law enforcement officer, to bring the evil authorities and powers to book, and Kábíyèsí Sàngó, asángiri alàgiri, to break the walls that hide the places where the evil sit, burning them. I ask Ọya to tear every perpetrator and aid of these crimes against humanity to shreds. Ọ̀sun, fill the bellies and feet of the wicked with boiling hot water. Obalúayé, give the unjust the gift of restlessness in every area of their lives. Òsanyìn, I ask you to heal the dying and restore the lives that are restorable. Obàtálá, give the bereaved the fortitude to bear their loss. Let us all see the bigger picture because it’s mighty tiny to see right now. Give us the ability to understand where plan and purpose fit in all of these because we are mad and upset, and none of this is making any sense to us.


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