Madiba and My Grandma

The Blue Room

‘The Blue Room’ by Mona Edulesco

I saw my late grandma in my dream today, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

I was slightly uneasy at first, nervous perhaps. I found myself in my grandmother’s room—the one she used till the time of her death. Her bed was gone, and the room seemed more spacious than it used to be. There was a smaller bed in it, what seemed like a twin-sized bed with a white bedspread on it—I don’t think it was fully white. It seemed like I was trying to sleep on the bed, or sit on it properly, when Madiba (Nelson Mandela) came in. 

I ran to hug him, and I was very happy to see him. I clearly remember how it felt—very warm and comforting. My paternal grandma came in almost immediately after. She looked a bit different, maybe taller than she would have been at the time of her death since I did not see her months before. Her hair was covered, and I don’t clearly remember hugging her, but I was so excited to see her, to see them both. 

I woke up right after and faced the wall to my left, asking Archangel Michael to protect my body because I was in a vulnerable state. I may have been slightly scared as I did. Then I went right back to sleep.

Perhaps, Madiba and my grandmother are companions or members of the same soul group in spirit. My grandmother was Nigerian, and Madiba was South African. They never met in their recent incarnations (as Madiba and Bolanle) and I never met Madiba, so it’s pretty exciting.

I suppose ancestors are checking on and comforting those with active earthly incarnations because of the apparent fears/concerns that abound at this time. 

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