You Like That, Don’t You?!


Sex might be cool or whatever but it may not always give you an orgasm, as I have come to learn, since it is common knowledge that I don’t see myself having sex anytime soon. However, there is something else that will guarantee you an orgasm that I have come to know and love, and of course, use for my own pleasure, what do you think?

In the description, after my video is uploaded on YouTube, I politely ask my audience not to leave comments that are rude, passively aggressive, harmful to young people, especially children, and painful to common sense- I hate it when a comment gives me a headache because it doesn’t make any sense, etc. For some reason, some people decide to still do it- leave trash comments, so I automatically assume that they are into kinky shit. Fortunately for us both, the commentator and I, that kind of kinky shit is my shit.

My servant spends 20 minutes typing trash that I will not fully read, especially when the first three words don’t sit right with me, and I delete it in less than 10 seconds, helping them feel stupid. I become a dominatrix of some sort- I get my orgasm and excitement, they get shamed and spanked since they decided to be a naughty boy/girl. Perhaps, my servant will get their orgasm from that too, but I don’t care. We are both properly pleasured. It’s a win-win. 👅💦👅

In a nutshell, I’m not sparing any rude comments on my YouTube. God bless you. 

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