For Writers III: Do You


You can write about “nothing”
but you can’t write about nothing.
Your writing is beautiful,
and most importantly,
it’s a part of your soul;
it’s yours,
and you should never compare it to anyone else’s.

Love and improve your own work.

Unrequitedly Requited


“African Woman” by Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky [Oil Painting]

“I love you.”

My heart froze, but not out of fear. It was beating very quickly, and I could have sworn it was having continuous orgasms, if I had to describe the feeling. I wasn’t afraid anymore; I was nervously, intensely relieved.

He loved me.
He loved me.
He. loved. me.
Oh, God.

Then he continued, and right after he did, I wished that he hadn’t.

“I love you two, you and Leidy.”

Wait, one second! Did he say “I love you two” earlier or “I love you too”?

“You both mean so much to me and I’m lucky to have you as sisters from another mum.”

I immediately burst into laughter, and for some reason, he began to giggle too.

“You both are my babies.”

Well, he just didn’t know when to stop, did he? 

I began to laugh even louder. I laughed so much so that tears began to run down my face.
He was laughing because I was laughing; I was laughing because I thought I had just made a fool of myself, and I was deeply hurt. If he was laughing because I was laughing, he was laughing because I had made a fool of myself, because I was deeply hurt.

I so desperately wanted to sink into the ground and disappear or fly on the angel of death’s wings and never return. He loved me, that was good, but not the way I wanted to be loved.

Unre-QUIT-ed V

He loved me;
he loved me lots.
He loved me;
he loved me, but.
He loved me;
he loves me not.
He loved me;
he loves me not, a lot.

Unre-QUIT-ed IV

The rejecter suffered just as much
as the rejected;
love was a two-way blow,

It did hurt to say “no”.
I stopped myself from forcing myself to say “yes” so many times.

What is Love? II: A Disease

Love is a disease,
but it’s the cure for itself.
Love is the treatment for falling in love.

Unrequited love is worse than hatred.

The depths of love cannot be fully fathomed.

Ties and Thighs

Relationship ties should not be
reliant on the exercise of
what’s between the thighs.

Sex shouldn’t be the main thing
you enjoy in a partner.

Love is love;
love isn’t sex.
You can love anything but
you can’t have sex with everything.

Death: Fear

The fear of death
is the fear of everything.
The fear of dying
is the fear of living.

Unre-QUIT-ed III

“Do you love me?”
“If I did, you wouldn’t have to wonder or ask.”

All Will Be Well

It’s okay if it didn’t work out,
I don’t work out either,
but I am fine,
and everything will be fine too.

The dream that you wish will come true.

Don’t Be So Trusting II

“Be careful when a naked person
offers you a shirt” [African proverb]
and when a person in a shirt
praises you for being naked.