Man and the Earth


Isn’t it a shame that
even the most successful farmers
are planted in the ground
when they die,
buried six-feet under,
like mere crops,
usually by able-bodied men
with very good digging abilities,
but they don’t grow back?

The earth gives us food
till we become her food.
Mother Earth feeds us today
and swallows us tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Man and the Earth

      • Lol… Theologist have it that we were moulded out of Earth, proliferate on her, and someday shall return to become one with her. So, I think we owe our birth to her still… What do you think?


      • The theologians that I know don’t consider the earth that significant. Yes, our bodies come from dust (earth) and will return to dust, but they believe that our souls, our actual selves, return to God, since we came from God’s breath. They don’t personify the earth or consider it important to our soul’s nourishment. I would like to meet your theologians. Lol.


      • C’mon! We’re made from Earth & to Earth we shall return. That’s indisputable from a religious point of view expect, of course, you want to entertain the scientific evolutionary theories.

        I get the picture you painted, beautifully well, up there. The Earth fattening us up & then gulping us when due. I get it. But the discredit of her hand in our making is my concern.
        Hahahah.. I’m starting to sound like a ‘flat-Earther’


      • Lol. You’re all over the place.

        You mentioned “theologists”, now you believe that the earth is where we return to. What “theologists”? The Christian theologians that I know believe that our bodies were shaped from dust, but our bodies are mere coverings of our true selves- our souls- that return to God when we die. Nowhere in the bible was it mentioned that the earth created us or gave us life.

        What’s the point of a heaven if that is basically it, if we come from dust and return to it, c’est fini? Are you for Christian theology or against?

        You’ve assumed that I want to entertain scientific evolutionary theories, but I’m basically playing your game.

        Also, none of these has anything whatsoever to do with my poem. I have praised Mother Earth as both the villain and hero in many of my other poems. This is one of the “villain” ones. Lol.


      • You subscribe to theology [and so, you subscribe to heaven], but you believe we return to the earth after death. That’s a vicissitude, if you still can’t see it. Lol. You were moderately concise, don’t worry about it, but you couldn’t stick to one ideology. It’s all good.

        Just enjoy the poetry next time; at the end of the day, the earth is not a woman. You began to reach beyond the margin with the theology talk, and unfortunately, you couldn’t keep up with it.


      • For the pieces (body & soul) to make a whole, in the holistic sense, theology and all its intrigue must juxtapose with the physical. And that’s why, on this index topic, religion pretty explains our origin (it does explain our dim too) and the physical (without regard for the soul) explains our pulverization to crust.
        I’m not fractionally distilling the body from the soul, rather I’m Exercising the leverage of vagility to address the issue.

        Now, what you have is a cocktail of ideologies to encircle man’s origin, sojourn & perish. Which accommodates Mother Earth’s finger in this ‘triad’ pie


      • I’m not in any way deriding your work. Its my fascination at the subtlety of your msg at such a gargantuan but ignored topic that birthed my reply. Little did I know that I was missing a piece of it all, which is the theme to the poem. Villainy!

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