Transition: For Jean Cora


Michael Escoffery

I didn’t realize that you lived
inside my heart till I lost you,
till I experienced the absence
and emptiness that it brought.
With that feeling of emptiness
came great pain and terrible weakness;
how can it be that I won’t see you again?
Why am I experiencing this great loss?
I play memories of you
over and over in my head,
and my hearts bleeds in tears
before I struggle to pause.


I love you,
and I’m all yours,
but you’d have to count to nine
to get me on all fours,
or you won’t be mine,
because you’d be gone.

You mustn’t cross my line,
and don’t you whine.
We both know that I’m divine.
I’m fine wine,
and until the day that I’m ready,
you won’t dig this gold mine.



We don’t always jump into conclusions;
I almost never do.
When the heart is gloomy,
the mind is tired,
and the soul is weak,
we often lack the strength to jump.

Conclusion is quicksand sometimes;
we can’t help but sink into it.
It’s up to us and the right people
that we carefully choose to help us
to struggle out of it.

Moving On

Nude Back

“Nude Back” by Michael Escoffery

I was devastated,
but more accurately, devastation was me.
I wasn’t happy,
and almost all of the time,
unhappiness clung very tightly to me.

I didn’t even feel that I was living,
that I was,
because I couldn’t feel,
and when I did, it hurt.

One minute, I thought,
“he left me,
so I’ll leave me too.”
The next, I thought,
“he dislikes me now,
so I’ll like me.
Who the hell needs him;

I’ll dislike all the things he likes.

He likes water,
so I’ll hate water.
He likes air,
so I’ll hate air.
He likes fire,
so I’ll hate fire.
He hates life,
so I’ll hate life.

The ‘only’ that truly like me,
and life;
are the same things keep us alive.

How do you find peace
when a piece of you is gone?
How do you put yourself together
when you’re left in the cold to burn?

“Does he miss me?
Does he miss at feast,
or has he found a different Miss?
Is there a new Beauty for my Beast?”

You have a list of things you hope
he’ll remember and cherish at least.

It hurts;
it’s like an invisible stab to the chest.
It really hurts.

Moving on
and looking back;
moving back
and shedding tears.
Moving on
and looking back;
looking blank
and shedding fears.

That is how the broken have moved on,
for years and years.

I’m Not a Sex Doll

If you mainly came to come,
you shouldn’t have.

If you don’t kiss the sole of my feet first,
I cannot give you my soul.

Breathing life into dust first is a must;
know what to do to make things whole.

Without love, patience and commitment,
I’m never going to make things “hole”.