No Presidential Elections in 2019?

ElectionThis is what will happen if you do so, Nigerians- if you don’t exercise your democratic voting rights and elect one of the candidates in 2019:

Someone else or a group of elites will seize the power anyway. Someone has to run things and the military will very quickly take over. They would not need to assassinate anyone or seize power from any democratic leader; it’d be the easiest military takeover yet. It would not even be a coup d’état since they won’t be seizing power from any functioning government, or it will, if the state governors’ positions get dissolved/overthrown.

If the military doesn’t, if they decide to grab their popcorn and sippy cup and watch the events go by, it’s going to be a bloody mess, emphasis on the “bloody”.

An Ibibio man is now the new unelected president?

Over my dead body! Who put him there?

Let a Yoruba man be the new president.

You lie! A Hausa man or an Igbo woman would be more efficient.

Yen yen yen blah blah blah.

“People” will graduate from throwing chairs to knives; it’d be a distasteful sight.

Nigeria is a beautiful, sexy woman. If she decides not to choose who to sleep with, and she lies at the middle of the road for all to see, different riffraff would exert force and rape her. Even the US would be there in no time to suck on her oily breasts for free or next to nothing. The US likes rich, “presidentless” countries with large, oily breasts. It’d be a terrible, painful fuck fest, or gang bang, and no, it would not be fun. It sure as hell would not be fun.

So, assess all manifestos properly, do your own research on who the candidates really are, and prepare to vote. 

2 thoughts on “No Presidential Elections in 2019?

  1. For one reason or the other I feel offended In an UNNECESSARY way, about how Nigeria is a woman,
    Naked on the street. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to *unpair* the idea of rape and women…. or because I feel referring to Nigeria as a woman doesn’t just cut it, cut me some slack, the first lady is said to occupy the other room.

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    • It’s extremely gory, but the purpose is to drive a point home; it’s an appeal to emotion. I chose to describe Nigeria as a woman as a way of connecting the struggles of women in general with the country’s struggle with its abusive leaders. When an abused woman’s POWER OF CHOICE (that I have described as the power of elections) is taken away, it’s the equivalent of murder. Whether or not the next leaders will abuse this woman- this country- again, after we divorce Buhari, we should not give our power to make our own choice away for the world. Even democratic countries who have their power of choice get raped by abusive leaders, not to talk of the ones who are can’t either say “yes” or “no”- knocked unconscious. That is why everyone should vote- there is nothing to anticipate about the state of unconsciousness. Hopefully, the next election is free and fair…


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