Keeping it for the Highest Bidder $

She begins to dress up.

She wonders if,
as per her previous experience,
after he undresses her later that night,
he would begin to dress her down.

One is in a show glass;
the other is on the counter.
One tries not to be seen as cheap;
the other allows herself to be touched.

The ones in the show glass
think of themselves as more expensive;
some of them would even
look down on the ones out in the open.

The bigger question is,
why are they all treated like living commodities?

“Ronke, I am proud of you. Continue to keep your virginity. Imagine getting an unwrapped, half-empty bottle of fruit juice for Christmas, after expecting a full bottle. How would you feel, when you begin to drink it? Men respect women more when they marry them as virgins.”
I am wondering why I’m being compared to a bottle of fruit juice in the first place. Why am I in this messed up, patriarchal society as a woman? Why do I have to deal with this shit; was it absolutely necessary?
I mean, I could have been a hibiscus plant or an owl…

2 thoughts on “Keeping it for the Highest Bidder $

  1. The highest bidder indeed, who perhaps has lost more value than he even has,
    The teaching in one of the Christian camp retreats came in this form, the speaker demonstrated by using a bottle of soda, opened the can first time and explained how virtues flow off like that. Of course the girls are the ones with openings of similar stuff, (boys do too, buy do they flow like that the first time?) . It takes two to tango, I still don’t understand why boys are not actively also made to value their Virginity, while girls are made to guide it like some friggin China ware. And in fact measured by having or not having it

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