“Moonlight” Review

“In moonlight, black boys look blue.”

The intersectional aspect of the movie is amazing. It’s one of the very few movies I’ll never get tired of. It’s not like Black Panther or other movies that are based on illusions. It’s not a movie that lets you escape into some kind of fantasy. It’s real, and it addresses several sterotypes on gender, race, sexuality and masculinity in America, as well as the performance of societal expectations.

A lot of people relate homosexuality to femininity. “You like other men, and since only women should like men, you must be feminine. You are somehow weaker than the regular man.” This is why straight men are “suspected” [as if they have committed some sort of crime] to be gay (and “weaker”) when they display behaviours or attitudes that the society regard as “feminine”, since there is a subconscious “weaker” element associated with femininity.


This is why many gay men would become obsessed with being fit or ripped, and appearing as masculine and “hard” as they can [like the older Chiron in Moonlight] after they come out, to not be regarded or treated as weak. Some may do the exact opposite, and start to “act” femininity, to show that they are gay, because the society thinks it means “feminine”.

Their is a societal solid line between the masculinity and the femininity of people and things, and “we” unfortunately assume one to be weaker than the other. The society doesn’t like it when the waters of one flow into the other, although the solid line is a total illusion. I find it interesting.

It’s the same for the women, and so you see lesbian women trying (hard) to perform “masculinity” and act “aggression” in order to be taken seriously. Being transgender is very different from being gay. There’s a lot to be said about the popular culture of it all.

🎬: “Moonlight” [It’s still on Netflix]. Directed by Barry Jenkins.

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