What Happened Today?

I did a quick spread before it was time for me to take the bus, just to know how my day was going to be. It was around 1.20 pm or so. I hoped that a reference would be made to the test that I was about to write, and whether (or not) I would do fine.

When I flipped the first card and got the 8 of Spades, I got very uncomfortable. I don’t like seeing spades in my spreads so much. The 8 of Spades is a card of disappointment, illness, imbalance and restriction, depending on the context, and it wasn’t what I was looking for, but since it was a 5-card spread, I flipped the rest of the cards to see what it was about. I got the King of Diamonds, the Queen of Hearts, 10 of Hearts and the Jack of Clubs. 
I knew that I was the Queen of Hearts immediately. The reading was about me and my day, so I appeared as the middle card.

“Who is this King of Diamonds?” The 8 of Diamonds is also an “unreciprocated love” card [imbalance, remember?] Since the King of Diamonds wasn’t facing me, I considered an unreciprocated love situation. Mtchew. “That’s not going to happen”, I thought. I have been through so much emotional turmoil in the past months that I don’t see myself falling in love with any man anytime soon. It had to be something else. 

“Who is the third person that is being represented by the Jack of Clubs?” The King of Diamonds could be a doctor- a professional. The Jack of Clubs could be a young male or female. The Jack of Clubs could be an active person, since clubs are “active” cards. The 8 of Spades could be a medical exam. ‘Oh, wait!” I began to hope that the Jack of Clubs was not my brother, and that the man- the King of Diamonds- was not a doctor performing a medical exam on him. My brother engages in sports (clubs), and I was invited to his school a year or two ago to take him home when he had a kink. The 10 of Hearts made me assume that it was my brother, since it’s the “happy” card, and I do share happy times with my brother. I don’t have an active sister; I don’t even have a sister.

“Come to think of it though. The Jack is so far away from the 8 of Spades. They should be side by side if my brother is going to have the wound. It can’t be my brother.”

Matt 1

I positioned the cards so that the 1st would mirror the last, and the 2nd cards would mirror the 4th, to make life easier for me. Could it be that I would come across a man who would be suffering from a sort of imbalance, and that the Jack of Clubs would have something to do with it, since the Jack of Clubs was mirroring the 8 of Spades? 

I couldn’t tell, so I chose to wait. The question I had asked was so broad that I couldn’t understand what my guides had told me. 


The King of Diamonds turned out to be my professor. He was so hurt and unbalanced in class today- so emotionally upset (8 of Spades). I was looking at him and he was trying to look away because he was crying, which explains why he had his backed turned to me.


It was because one of my classmates had passed away. He fell into a coma [mental imbalance- 8 of Spades] after he had a car accident during the weekend, and he crossed to the other side a few days after. The 8 of Spades mirroring the Jack of Clubs meant that my classmate was the reason for my professor’s hurt.

The 10 of Hearts is happiness, amusement, victory. My professor’s class is usually very fun, but that he was turning his back on “happiness” today and facing the 8 of Spades meant that something was going to/had gone wrong. The 10 of Hearts card between me and Matt, his name was Matt, meant that we had shared happy times in class. We had enjoyed my professor’s class when he was alive. 

I cried; I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t close to him but I’m still very visibly shaken by his demise. It’s 3.30 am and I feel very weak, physically and emotionally. He was such an intelligent, peaceful guy, and he had a very dreamy way of looking at a person whenever they were contributing to the discussion in class. He didn’t really say much when it was his turn.

Oh, his eyes! His eyes were so beautiful. I only got to know today that he served in the military a few years ago, so he was a “clubs” guy- active.

Matt, I will miss you. You were so precious; you will always be.

Matt Vintinner

Matt V.

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