Man’s Relationship with Money: a Mess



Update: I mean “man”, as in, man and woman- humans. We live in a “the richer you are, the better you are” world, and it shouldn’t be so. Someone has reblogged this, gone a little wild, and argued that men make money to attract gold-diggers- women- and I am sitting here, stunned, wondering what the hell is going on…

2 thoughts on “Man’s Relationship with Money: a Mess

  1. Reblogged this on Falling Star Burning Brightly and commented:
    Actually men make money to afford an expensive lifestyle in order to attract beautiful women.

    A Woman’s outside beauty indicates her fertility and ability to have children.

    Genetic celebrities or Golddiggers as they are called and/or referred to are complicit in these types of arrangements.

    Because they are willingly selling their time, sexuality and sexual services to the highest bidder.

    Looks and age of the male in question do not matter only his social status and financial success.

    As she can always boff the slim and trim beefcake known as the pool guy (used to be the milkman when milk was delivered to homes instead of sold in stores as it is today) when her financial prey is looking the other way.


  2. Does this guy understand English at all?,
    Men who make money to attract women are not men, as a matter of fact they are just like apes trying to attract mates. And as a matter of fact this reference still feels like an insult to apes

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