Silence is the Best Comeback

“It is for the beauty, that a woman
holds her breasts while she runs.
It’s not because they’ll fall
to the ground if she doesn’t.”
-Ashanti Proverb

It is out of discipline and self-respect that a wise person holds their tongue and closes their mouth in response to disrespect. It’s not because the other person’s mouth is bigger, or because they can speak better.

2 thoughts on “Silence is the Best Comeback

    • I don’t think there’s answer to that ’cause cases differ. Sometimes, one needs to speak out immediately- cases of verbal abuse, and at other times, it really isn’t worth it. A good look at the other person would sometimes give you a clue. Some people are certified nincompoops; it’d be terribly useless to exchange words with them.

      I stay silent first, and I lash out fiercely when the other person’s “cup” gets filled to the brim but it’s not often the best approach. Grey areas definitely exist.

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