Nobody noticed,
when the oceans fed water
to the thirsty sky.
We only know that when she was satisfied,
she gave water back to the oceans,
to our thirsty crops and soil,
to our bowls and buckets,
and to our playful children,
before our very eyes.

Our air was cleaner,
our love-making was sweeter,
and our sleep was deeper,
because the sky was given water.


A lot of people have pulled strings to take enslaved Nigerians and other Africans [it breaks my heart; it’s 2017 and this is still happening] in Libya back home. Not all of them have publicized the things they’ve done and the amounts they’ve given. Thank you very much. You’re beautiful people with good hearts. You’re Oceans.

I tried to write something about looking for greener grass in other regions/countries [like people have done for centuries irrespective of their race- your ancestors, my ancestors] and finding rusted chains instead, but I couldn’t. I slept off 5 minutes after because my heart was heavy.

I hope they’ll make good use of their freedom now that they have it [the ones that are free now, at least], get the psychological and financial help they need to bring their dreams/goals back to life, and rain for us. Most of them are in their youth, they are educated, and they have bright ideas; they’re all valuable human resources. The governments have a lot to do to ensure that they gain or regain their stability. If they take them home and withdraw without providing adequate assistance, there’ll be problems. Some of them have been infected with HIV.

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